It took me a long time to pick up the pieces of this celebrity dustup. I realize I am a month overdue but I am now slowly moving into the acceptance phase of this breakup as I had many high hopes for this couple. I often admired Jen’s ability to walk around wearing mom-esque jeans, hideous loafers, and dorky striped ski sweaters thinking, gee I’m surprised hunky Ben can handle this and maybe he really is a changed man. But alas he couldn’t and he wasn’t.

And after hearing rumor after rumor of Ben’s infidelity, gambling, and drinking towards the end of the marriage, I realized it was just a matter of time before the hussy/nanny presented herself. Ben with a tranny? Now that’s news. Ben with a gorgeous 20 something year old nanny? Not news – sadly just a womanizer disguised as a family man showing his true identity.
I was definitely suspicious of Ben’s post breakup disheveled look, all too reminiscent of the original Bennifer breakup of 2004. I mean really, is he so upset that he has to wear his old gym shorts from 1995 and not wash his hair?  I remember seeing pics like this in 2004, thinking isn’t he laying it on a little thick? After all he was the dumper and he strung JLo on for months. But I guess if he walked around smiling, that would ruin his new family man image he’s been cultivating over the past decade, the one that helped him win the Oscar for Argo two years ago (if you recall, he referred to marriage as “work” in his acceptance speech – I mean everyone thinks that but no one actually says it in front of other people let alone in a public speech millions of people are watching).

Anyway, an ever reliable Us Weekly posted pics of him grinning with clean hair greeting the hussy nanny with a champagne bottle at his home in LA in the dark. Suddenly Ben didn’t look so sad anymore. As for dear sweet band geek Jen, I will never understand why she set that trap for her husband by hiring the hot nanny in the first place. But I guess if not the nanny, it could have easily been another co-star which is how Jen met Ben in the first place. As Ben says, they fell in love while filming Daredevil in early 2003 – when Bennifer part 1 was still together.

I hate to say it’s karma for Jen because I think she’s suffered enough but I sort of feel like she should have known what she was getting herself into – she likely believed that she could use her girl next door wiles/earnestness to transform him from womanizer to devoted family man.

At first it seemed like the real thing but I always got the sense she felt she hit it big (I remember her gushing that she was excited to do Pearl Harbor because she knew “Ben would take care of me”. Um yeah you’re not a golden retriever Jen) whereas it seemed he was more so playing this family man role that he thought he wanted, perhaps to be like his buddy Matt or to please his Bostonian mom who we all know wasn’t too keen on JLo. It also seemed he just wanted to do a 180 from JLo and that he enjoyed the intrigue of charming his married female costar (which as you recall is how he met JLo – on the set of a tragic Gigli while he was also married).

Poor Jen G seemed to try so hard to keep it together over the years – the more I think about it, she was really just starting to become like JLo, desperate to hold on to the relationship while he was slipping away.

Moral of the story – don’t steal a man from someone else because you’ll start to become her. And you can’t ever really change a womanizer no matter how well he disguises himself as a changed man…”Boy don’t try to front, I know just what you are”