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Awkward playdates and the world of post mommy friendships

No one told me before I had kids just how strangely isolating the experience can be. I really thought that once my delivery was done I'd simply fall in love with my kid (I did but not right away) and... Continue Reading →

A little thing called race

I avoided talking about this for long enough but it's no longer avoidable given what's going on in Trump-landia. I really wish everyone would stop kumbaya-ing the conversation about race away and pretending that we all just are the same... Continue Reading →

Is it all worth it?

Every¬†woman¬†and their mother these days in this blessed era of post feminism is speaking and writing about "having it all" and "why women still can't have it all" and "leaning in" and "why you shouldn't lean in too far". But... Continue Reading →

Keeping up with the Joneses

I guess I can't deny my age or upbringing anymore. I grew up in the halycon 90s with Heathers, Smashing Pumpkins, Doc Martens, chokers, and 90210 (the original, not the lame re-make where the girls looked 12 and wore a... Continue Reading →

The jack of all trades and master of none

I am not sure who exactly this career-ism is for (I try to avoid using the word "advice" because it's kind of annoying and preachy) but I guess it's for anyone starting out their career or looking to switch. So... Continue Reading →

The necessity of self-doubt

Lately I've been reading a bunch of cringe worthy crap under the guise of career advice that sounds a lot like this: 1. Fake it till you make it 2. How to feign executive presence 3. How to appear confident... Continue Reading →

Purgatory is a children’s museum on earth

The time has come for the dreaded museum outing. But alas this is not just any museum outing. This is a children's museum in a large city on a long weekend. As I get surrounded by screaming kids and grumpy... Continue Reading →

Girls behaving badly

It all really does start around age 5 doesn't it? The whispering, snickering, eye rolling. If babies are truly born with a blank slate, where do girls learn this bad behavior from? The other day, my little angel ignored a... Continue Reading →

Do what you want, not what you should

It's taken me several years to learn how to be honest with myself and make decisions based on what I actually want versus what I think I should want. I envy those who are so self-actualized that they say in... Continue Reading →

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